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Friday, 14 January 2011

Hydroponic system for chilli

Hydroponic system for chilli: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Useful Party Tips

When planning a party, here are some useful party tips to follow to ensure the success of the event.

* Carefully select the party venue. If you are expecting a lot of guests, your house may not accommodate them. You may also have a problem with parking. So unless you are going to hold a small party, find a venue that can accommodate your guests.

* Rent the party venue. Make sure the location matches the theme of your party. For example, if you are going to host a party with an animal theme, inquire about the possibility of holding the party in or near a zoo.

* Invite your guests as early as possible. Refrain from last minute invitations. Your guests have to be informed of the time, place and directions to the party must be very clear. As much as possible, when renting a venue, make sure the site is convenient for your guests to reach. Scheduling your party on a weekend is best.

* Decorate the party place accordingly. Make sure the decoration is nicely done. Make sure seating arrangements for the guests are properly marked to avoid confusion and embarrassing moments.

* While doing the party preparation, write down every thing on a notebook so you can refer to your notes and check off those you have accomplished and those that still need to be done. Make sure the food list is complete including ingredients and condiments.

* Prepare the guest list, list of gifts, decorative items in advance. Last minute, unplanned purchases will surely get you in trouble. It is recommended that you write down your list of things to do because you will definitely forget some essential items.

* To make the party a great success, have games and ice breakers. Give simple prizes for the winners of parlor games and do not forget the camera to freeze the funny moments for posterity. Do not forget to give the gifts to your guests before they leave.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Throw a Memorable Dinner Party

A sit-down dinner party is the kind of party that we often have. Even if you are entertaining your best friends, make it special. For one thing, celebrating with friends is special and for another thing, it is good practice for finding techniques to make dinner parties a breeze. Here are some tips for an easy dinner party


Be careful with centerpieces. Centerpieces are attractive but they can get in the way. If they are too tall, they will keep guests from being able to see each other. If they are too wide, they take up valuable space so that there is no room for wineglasses, butter dishes, and all the items that you really need on the table.

Use a white tablecloth. It’s a good idea to have one of these on hand -- it does not have to be linen. Get something in a nice easy care, no iron, fabric. A white tablecloth adds a touch of grace and will show off any color of china nicely.

Don’t overdo the menu. There’s no need to lay it all out at once. If you have six great recipes for appetizers, invite people back some other time to enjoy them. Don’t pile up the meal with too much food. An appetizer soup or salad, a nice entree, dessert and tea or coffee -- that’s all you need.

Make it colorful. Splash up the dinner plate with a bright vegetable. Add some color to the salad. Look for the foods that are in season and use them to their best advantage. Fresh blueberries sprinkled over a basic vanilla pudding that you can make out of a box ramps that dessert up into the range of elegance. If the soup is cream of mushrooms, add a sprig of parsley to the top of the bowl of soup. It looks so elegant and gives the impression that you worked your fingers off.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Party Pictures

Whether you use a digital camera or a traditional camera, there are some basic steps you can take to make sure that the party pictures turn out. The first thing you need is a functioning camera. If your camera runs on batteries, make sure the batteries are fully charged or that you have extra ones on hand. Taking party pictures works best when you can capture the moment and if your batteries are dead, the moment will pass.

You also need to have enough storage space for your photos. This means an extra memory card if you are going digital or extra film for the traditional camera. For people who do not use their cameras often, sometimes problems with the camera do not become apparent until they are at the party and ready to take pictures. This is not the time to find out that the lens is dirty or that the buttons stick. Check the camera out the day before the party so that you have time to clean it up and make sure everything is running perfectly. Most digital cameras have a built in flash. Make sure that you know how to use it. If you are using a traditional camera, bring your flash unit.

The most important hint for party picture taking is to safeguard your equipment. You will be partying too and it is too easy to set the camera down while getting a drink or something to eat. It is also too easy for someone to knock the camera off the table (or wherever you set it) or for someone to spill something on it. Either have a little carry case you can hang around your neck or a bag you store it in a safe place.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Secret to a Spotless, Worry-Free Party

In any project, the first step is always the hardest. However, once you overcome the first step, everything will fall into place. Well, not all the time. Things can still be topsy-turvy even if you’ve outlined the things to make your fantastic idea a reality.

Even in throwing a party, all the preparations needed can leave you cursing this responsibility. Relieve yourself from agony and stop being a martyr. Holler for a friend or two to be your aide. Not to worry about who’ll take the credits because you’ll be playing boss here. Pretend that you have your own events company. Having friends around will save you from over milking your brain for ideas.

Brainstorming is a great way to pool in creative approaches to a problem. Share your ideas and highlight the complexities. Be open to extreme propositions. Facilitate and lead them to what you want to achieve. After you come up with brilliant and feasible suggestions, designate the tasks. Logistics is the main dirty work. One of the tedious jobs in hosting a party is selecting your guests. This job also involves making the invitations and double-checking their contact information.

Next to that is arranging the venue. Even if it is your home, you will still have to consider its availability on the targeted date of the party. What if your roommate’s folks are visiting on that day? Include alternative party venues in your brainstorming, so are emergency protocols if the unimaginable happened. Ask your team to report the progress of their assignments. If you only have one partner, then equally divide the tasks and regularly consult each other. With a team, everyone can truly enjoy a great party.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Proven Party Hosting Tips

We have parties to mark important occasions like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. We also hold parties simply because we want to unwind from our busy life. If you happen to be the host of a party, make sure to plan the party well so that the guests will enjoy and remember it forever.

Select a unique setting for the party. Anything that is unique can be interesting and well liked by most people. Make sure to decorate the place as best as possible. It is also best to choose a party venue that guests can easily find. Inform your guests well in advance when and where the party will be held as well as the time and any dress code. It is best to give printed party invitations when inviting your guests. Relying on oral invitation may not work as it can be easily forgotten and does not provide enough information about the party.

Before the party starts, check that everything is in its proper place -- this includes cake, the food, the drinks and the gifts. As the host of the party, be at the reception area to welcome arriving guests. When the party is in full swing, remember to circulate among the guests. The perfect host goes around making sure all guest are as comfortable as they can be.

To make the party more interesting, plan a few fun games. Give prizes for winners. If entire families are invited, make sure to conduct fun games for adults and children separately. And finally, never fail to say good bye and thanks to the guest as they leave the party.

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